Sunday, June 26, 2011

More evidence of Tory Change coming to Ontario

It is increasingly looking like mcliar and his friends are sinking into quicksand. A strong stable Ontario PC government is coming.
I was quite distressed to learn of the illness of Miller Hudak and am very pleased that she is doing better. All Ontarians and indeed all Canadians should keep Miller in their prayers.

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is roaring toward a majority win in the Oct. 6 provincial election thanks to a platform that is enticing voters, a new poll suggests.

The Forum Research survey found Hudak’s Tories at 41 per cent compared with 26 per cent for Premier Dalton McGuinty’s governing

“There’s like an eight-year itch,” Forum president Lorne Bozinoff said in an interview, referring to McGuinty’s two terms in power.

“It’s really hard to get that third term. People just get tired of seeing the same people all the time,” said Bozinoff.

Because of the poll’s large sample size of 3,198 people, Forum was able to do a seat projection based on results from various regions across the province.

Hudak’s support translates into 65 seats for the Conservatives in the 107-seat Legislature to 23 for the Liberals and 19 for the New Democrats.


Anonymous said...

If only had a Conservative platform, and a plan to take Ontario off the track to the upcoming financial trainwreck, I would be a lot happier about him winning the election.

As it is now, the only reason for a conservative to vote for Hudak is that he is not McGuinty.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...


Anonymous said...

The Sun's Sue Anne Levy is a self-professed Jewish-Lesbian that just told Brian Liley that Dalton will not be at PRIDE(again) this year but snuck through $100'000.00 in funding for the shortfall caused by Rob Ford when PRIDE lied to tax Payers and Jews that the Pro-hamas fascists would not march in it for the 2010 event.

How odd that Dalton is a Catholic and yet now makes a tacit endorsement to Hamas that murders gays in gaza and uses women and children as suicde bombers.
He sold his Soul for $100'000.00 just to garner votes in the Toronto gay area for the October Election. His gay Health Minister pi$$ed away $1billion on the E-health scam that would have helped 100's or AIDS victims with it. Now Dalton's Minister lost to Rob Ford and the only thing left is to BUY the gay votes via support for Hamas and murdering Gays in gaza.
It's bad enough that TD and BMO condone the Hamas murders and enable child-abuse by the naked men there, but now appease the gays and muslims in Canada as if the Liberals think that 2% of the population will get them Elected.
People are fed-up with homo-fascists that want 1-moral,1-thought,1-faith,1-loyalty and a State-approved hatred for the Family unit as one man and one women.
Dinosaur-Dalton looks like a knuckle-dragging idiot by the 2% of fascists in canada, but he's a USEFUL-idiot they can whip into submission to denouce Jesus, embrace pedophilia as Muhammad pracitised,fine or Jail those for unpopular views,use the CRTC and TVO to push their fascist agenda .

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