Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mcliar will lose according to...

The red star. A red star mcliar hagiographers bemoans the fact that all signs to a Tim Hudak victory. I am very pleased by returning Ontario to the Tory family. Mcliar has been a tax and spend disaster.
All the signs are bad for

A new Ipsos-Reid poll released last weekend showed the Conservatives with 40 per cent of decided Ontario voters, the Liberals with 34 per cent and the NDP with 20 per cent. Over the past year, polls have shown a steady rise in Tory support — all at the expense of the Liberals.

Worse for the Liberals, the survey suggested a virtual dead heat in the Toronto area, where the party has historically had a stranglehold on seats.

So why is McGuinty in big trouble if he’s doing such a good job? Party insiders say the reasons are many, not all of them of McGuinty’s doing.

First, Hudak is a “Teflon leader.” Like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, his Conservative soulmates, nothing bad sticks to him.

Despite major policy flip-flops on the HST and all-day kindergarten, election promises that don’t add up, silly pledges like forcing prisoners into work gangs, nothing seems to hurt his popularity.

Even the Toronto Sun and National Post, perennial cheerleaders for the Conservatives, have taken to haranguing Hudak for his vague promises and weak leadership.

And yet his poll numbers keep rising.

Second, there’s a strong conservative wave now in Ontario and especially in the Toronto area. Ford rode that wave to victory in last fall’s Toronto mayoral race over George Smitherman, a former Ontario cabinet minister, and Harper rode it to a smashing win in last month’s federal election that saw the Liberals hang on to just 11 of 106 seats in the province.

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dmorris said...

"And yet his poll numbers keep rising."

Because there's no other choice. You can't continue to vote for the incompetents who've governed the last several years,so you hold your nose and pray the alternative isn't worse.

We have the same situation here in B.C.,a group of Liberal liars in government,and a group of hard Left socialists waiting to take over.

It's every cliche come home to roost.

I Support Lord Black