Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mark Steyn on the ignorant child

The ignorant child knows nothing of the thousand years of history that has led us to where we are today. We are a pretty free scoiety. She is university "educated" and as such is now profoundly ignorant. Thank you Mark!

If you'll forgive me going all Bagehotian for a moment, in a country such as Canada, the post-election Speech from the Throne is the defining act of constitutional monarchy: the Queen or her viceroy comes to parliament to read words placed in her mouth by the Prime Minister of her newly elected government. It's the logical endpoint of Magna Carta: the state as servant of the people. So, when you urinate all over a Throne Speech, it’s not like lobbing a pie at the Defence Minister during a war debate: You’re disdaining the very essence of the constitutional order.

But that's all a little too fusty for a know-nothing like Brigette DePape.


Jen said...

Depage has no clue what is a 'ARAB SPRING' is all about. What she has done to the PAGE PROGRAM is put a 'dark' cloud over it. The Senate pages will be looked on very closely with prying eyes to every movement which they make. Other senate pages face the brunt of DEPAGE's outburst.

Winston said...

Not ignorant. A communist...

I Support Lord Black