Friday, June 03, 2011

Leftist bias in Hollywood and media

Steve Crowder discusses Ben Shapiro's new book Primetime Propaganda.

Dennis Miller interviews Ben Shapiro:

Sean Hannity :


been around the block said...


Lionel Chetwynd Disses Hollywood: Resigns from Industry Group Over Liberal Bias

We, privileged to work in the entertainment industry and enjoy the bounty our chosen career bestows on success, should never imagine ourselves the arbiters of what is permissible in the public square. We do not own the dream factory, but are merely its custodians, stewards at best.

been around the block said...

I watched all three videos. Very good stuff! Thanks, Dr. Roy, for hunting these down and featuring them.

If the CBC was doing its job, what it's mandated to do -- to deliver balanced reporting on issues of importance to all Canadians -- they'd be tackling the exact same leftist propaganda tactics in the media up here.

Of course, seeing as the CBC's one of the main propagators of this leftist propaganda in Canada, it ain't gonna happen.

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