Saturday, June 04, 2011

ignorant child

 The ignorant child who broke her oath yesterday in front of all branches of our government, is rightly berated by most people. I always find it hilarious that grits who used our system for a century to rule Canada all of a sudden complain that the Tories have a majority with 40% support. The foolish child alleges 75% of Canadians are against HM Government and we need an "Arab Spring". She obviously knows very little about democracy or revolutions most of which end in bloddy messes. She knows nothing of the thousand years of tradition and evolution which have led to our open and free society. I wonder if she has read Burke, Locke or Hobbs?
So besides the fact that she broke her oath, besmirched the reputation of her fellow pages , she became a threat to the Governor General, the Representative of HM the Queen, HM PM, The Senators, MPs and Supreme Court Justices. Security arrangements will have to be investigated. She is in contempt of the senate. I am not sure if it is worth charging and convicting her. She graduated from the university of ottawa which has become a place that obstructs speech. They must be proud of the ignorant spoiled brat they graduated. She apparently tried to hide this stunt from her parents. They also must wonder where they went wrong.
And by the way lefties , HM Government will pass their agenda, as they laid out before the people and were duly elected as per our constitution. We are a Constitutional Monarchy.

Matt Gurney: While rogue page calls for a Canadian Spring, dozens die in Damascus
Matt Gurney Jun 3, 2011 – 9:39 PM ET

DePape probably doesn't intend violence in the streets, but that's what a "Canadian Spring" would mean.
Today, I liveblogged the Throne Speech while watching the feed on CBC NewsNet, and due to the CBC’s camera angles, didn’t see Bridgette DePape (a.k.a. Bridgette Marcelle) approach the Prime Minister and Governor General and hold up her “Stop Harper” sign. I found out about it via Twitter, as both reporters and government officials in the Senate reported the rare protest during a major speech. Indeed, it wasn’t until after the speech had concluded that I (and the rest of Canada) learned more about Ms. DePape, who helpfully released a press statement (with her phone number) even before she’d been escorted from Parliament in her newly unemployed state.

In her statement, she called for a Canadian version of the Arab Spring. As that pearl of wisdom reached me, via both online and televised mediums almost simultaneously, I couldn’t help but note the irony of Ms. DePape’s statement. Exactly while I was reading her call for a Canadian Spring, CBC was providing a news update from the Middle East. Today’s stories: Dozens killed as violence continues to flare across the region.


NB Tory Gal said...

the young professional activist accepted our society's money to help her...

she is proud of her activism...

and this youtube of her is sad...

The suffragettes fought for a cause...she has no real idea of what her cause is...

Anonymous said...

this is what graduates from our universities? we might just as well close them.

been around the block said...

Someones needs to buy Ms DePape/Marcelle a one-way ticket to Syria -- and a burqa.

Anonymous said...

Good for her! She spoke very well when I saw her interviewed. If she was my daughter, I'd be proud.

If it gets up stuffy Roy Eappen's nose, I'm all for it!!

NA said...

This girl is a nut case......period

been around the block said...

Anonymous (brave moniker, what?):

Your girl's a twit. She's all upset because, apparently, "the people" didn't speak by voting a Harper/CPC majority. Apparently, she doesn't understand how our democracy works.

She's all upset because the CPC got only 40% of the vote. That's a whacking lot of votes, given that there were five horses in this race.

To the CPC's 40%, the NDP got 31%, the Liberals got 19%, the Bloc got 6%, and the Greens got 4%.

It's pretty clear who won the majority of the people's votes. I guess Little Miss Snot-Nose-Sore-Loser didn't do too well in math.

When Jean Chretien's Liberal$ got only 39% of the vote in his last majority government, I don't remember any pi**ed-off parliamentary pages holding up a STOP CHRETIEN sign or the MSM tearing up and crying foul, like they're doing now.

'Bunch of sore losers and cry babies: You, too, "Anonymous."

Anonymous said...

it's rather rich to see conservatives shriek "contempt of the senate" doncha think?

I think what we saw is just a precursor to things to come. Not right away, but if Harper succeeds in a second majority, it's gonna get very, ugly.

JPM said...

Anonymous 12:15
but if Harper succeeds in a second majority, it's gonna get very, ugly.

Funny how some people feel the need to threaten. In Canada, when parties on the left have won majorities, no one suggested a *Canadian spring* or threatened ugliness, despite their not having 50+1 % of the vote . . . and you people think conservatives are scary?

been around the block said...

Well-said, JPM.

Leftists tend to be thugs and bullies. If they're not in the driver's seat, it's push, shove, and GET OUTTA MY @%#!&#@!%#! WAY.


fernstalbert said...

This is a vile act of contempt. What courage - hold up a sign in a peaceful and lawful House of Canadian Parliament? The real travesty is that she thinks her act compares to those who die and are mained in countries where the dictators, thugs and military crush the opposition with tanks, guns and torture. This is the Anniversary of Tiananmen Square - June 4th, 1989. She is a clueless fine arts graduate. New career options - supervisor of a fast food fryer. She should be ashamed of her foolish comparisons. Don't see her bravely protesting in front of the Chinese Embassy. She should Google map it for directions. I believe it is also located in Ottawa. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I never threatened anything. I merely pointed out the strong possibility that things could get very ugly. The howls and gasps here are hilarious.

Secondly, I'm not aware this person has compared her act to someone who put their life in danger. Merely that she had the courage to protest in a very public place, and was willing suffer the consequences (job loss etc.).

The histrionics here is breath-taking.

been around the block said...

Save your breath, "Anonymous."

There aren't any "histrionics" here, just reasoned arguments. Of course, your ilk can't handle reasonable opposition to your views. People either have to agree with you or you accuse them of breath-taking howls and gasps. 'Hilarious -- if it wasn't so pathetic.

DePape/Marcelle wasn't courageous, she was brazenly contemptuous of the Canadian Parliamentary system and of the duly elected government of our country.

What, exactly, does her sign "STOP HARPER" mean? It sounds like a threat to me. The only way to stop Prime Minister Harper is to either vote him out of office in the next election (that's called democracy or ... I don't like to think of the other possibilities.

Jean Chretien and his Librano$ got only 39% of the vote in Chretien's last majority. Where was the hue and cry about that? There wasn't one.

DePape/Marcelle's antics were entirely idiotic and infantile -- did you know she accused Prime Minister Harper of "destroying the climate"? Now that's worthy of a few howls and gasps!!

Anonymous said...

reasoned arguments? Really? sure thing pal.

The histrionics I see is the name calling, "twit", ignorant", the seething hatred. "How DARE SHE!!!" Then the pompous puffing up and chest beating when someone hollered "he's threatening us!!!!".

Grow up. No one threatening anything. Of course "stop Harper" isn't a threat, it's a call to action by those who oppose him. Peaceful protest. We live in a free country where people are free to voice their protests, whether or not you agree with them or not. Just as you're free to disagree with this person's actions. This nonsense about threats etc. is just childish. If no one voiced their protest to Chretien, then perhaps you should have! There never should have been back to back liberal majorities just as I hope there are not back to back conservative majorities.

And no, I will not save my breath. Perhaps if less did so we'd have better government than the tough gorging majority of thieves we keep getting as governments. And yes, bot the liberals -and- the conservatives.

Only a fool would believe either is better than the other.

Patsplace said...

Nice to see the lefties are out in farce again. I suppose that now that Mini-Marx is the official opposition, we can expect more of this learned analysis of comments. Seething hatred indeed...sounds like it's going to get ugly.

been around the block said...

"Anonymous:" "Of course 'stop Harper' isn't a threat, it's a call to action by those who oppose him. Peaceful protest."

Peaceful protest -- for how long? DePape was one of the "peaceful protesters" who smashed windows and burned police cars at the G20 riots ... er, demonstrations.

I have no problem with Leftists voicing their opinions, only in the way some of them choose to do it: violence is out (that didn't happen at the G20 in Toronto) and inappropriate grandstanding during a throne speech (even Bob Rae admitted that with her privileged access to the Senate Chambers, DePape had "taken advantage" of her position and had not shown respect for Canadian traditions

There is a marked tendency these days to disrespect legitimate boundaries; In fact, many people seem to be unaware that there are any boundaries anywhere. The world is their oyster, to graze and to raze at will. That's when freedom of expression becomes license to do anything they want, whenever they want. That's not freedom for anyone.

You seem to be oblivious to any boundaries when you make a preposterous statement such as "only a fool would believe that either [government] is better than another." The CPC has not stolen millions from the Canadian people in brown envelopes left in Italian restaurants, in order to be re-elected. John Gomery, appointed by the Liberal$ hasn't said about the CPC, as he has about the Liberal$, that they work "within a culture of corruption." You are being promiscuous with your accusations.

Take a look at Evan Solomon's interview with DePape:

Even he, usually no defender or fan of the Harper Government, challenges the inappropriateness of DePape's actions in the Senate Chamber.

Go ahead and feel "proud" of this girl's juvenile, self-serving grandstanding. IMO, that makes you the fool.

Anonymous said...

yet another, who puts words in my mouth. I never said I was "proud" of her actions. And she did certainly abuse her privilege as page, does it take a rocket scientist to figure this out? Really?

And no 'she', didn't get violent at the protest, she protested peacefully. Your charges are false. As for your beloved conservatives, it matters little to the taxpayer whether money is shifted in brown envelops or spent in favours in obscene amounts as the conservatives have done.

I just don't think things will go as smoothly under Harper as conservative supporters hope. Just an observation, before anyone has a cap fit.

been around the block said...

So, "Anonymous" @ 8:53 AM, you're not the "Anonymous" @ 11:06 AM who posted

Good for her! She spoke very well when I saw her interviewed. If she was my daughter, I'd be proud.

When there are a bunch of "Anonymouses" running around one site, it gets a little confusing.

It darned well should matter to taxpayers whether or not a political party is using illegal means to shift money around. You have no proof of your allegations about the CPC, but there's plenty of proof over the years -- and Liberal operatives being charged and going to jail -- that the Liberal$ have stooped to illegal means on a number of occasions in order to get re-elected.

No, of course it's not going to be smooth sailing for the Conservatives, especially with the inexperienced rookie Opposition they're up against and a lame-duck leader caught by the police in The Velvet Touch cat house. 'Lots of credibility there, especially with Jacko limping around with that stupid cane. I think he can get rid of that prop. It lends no gravitas to his demeanor.

Anonymous said...

oh come now, your post is just dripping with partisan nonsense. Plenty of tory "operatives" have been investigated and charged with stuff as well. Please don't pretend the tories are better, your credibility goes right out the window.

And no, I wasn't the anonymous before who said if she was my daughter I'd be proud. Regardless of the political stripe she protested, I say she had courage to speak out.

I hear she was found in contempt of the senate.

That's actually quite... humorous no?

oh probably not you'all here are so damn serious....

as for props, well jacko has his cane, and I see Harper his kittie cats.

been around the block said...

PM Harper doesn't carry the cats around with him.


(If you're referring to Mulroney, IMO he's not a real conservative -- and besides, he used his own money in the scandal he was involved in. Mulroney's a Power Corporation boy, just like Trudeau before him, Chretien, Martin, and Rae.)

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