Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HM PM Harper and the Crown

As readers of this blog know, I am a staunch defender of the Canadian Crown. It is the Crown of MaplesThis dates back to my childhood. I became a Canadian citizen in 1974 , when I swore the Loyal Oath and I take that very seriously. As a child in primary school we sang God Save the Queen every morning in Quebec!!! I was also a Boy Scout and that taught me the values of loyalty, honor and duty.I have great respect for our traditions of freedom that evolved since Magna Carta. The Crown is central in this evolution.
HM PM Harper is also a staunch defender if The Canadian Crown, it is one of the many reasons I am a Tory!

With the William and Kate show soon to begin, an Associated Press reporter was asking about Stephen Harper’s evident affinity for the monarchy. He wondered if the Prime Minister sees the monarchy as a cornerstone of the Canadian identity.

Mr. Harper comes across as the biggest supporter of our sovereigns since John George Diefenbaker. He glowed during the Queen’s visit last summer. Under his stewardship, there has been no controversy over the monarchy’s future, no talk of one day breaking the final bonds with Britain. Jean Chr├ętien enjoyed a warm relationship with the Queen, but was ambivalent about the royal ties, a view which represented a wide swath of public opinion. Liberals like John Manley and Ken Dryden wanted to wave the monarchy goodbye as a final act in Canada’s growing up.
For Mr. Harper, the monarchy fits nicely with his old-fashioned sense of Canada. He is a prime minister who accentuates traditional symbols such as the North, the sport of hockey, the military. He is big on family values, the church, and straight, clean living. Full of conservative touchstones, it’s a portrait that harkens back to the 1950s, one that has a good deal of appeal, especially to the older demographic.

With the sparkling newlyweds, the monarchy could well be undergoing a repopularization in Canada and elsewhere. This will play well to the sentiments of the Prime Minister, who will undoubtedly be giving the Duke and Duchess a resplendent welcome on their eight-city tour, which will be watched by the international media.

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