Monday, June 13, 2011

Tory Convention Day 2 and 3

HM Minister Steven Blaney and Senator Wallin

MP Lois Brown sings O Canada with Choir from Christ Church Cathedral 

Mrs Harper and Senator Eaton

HM Minister John Baird and Deepak Ohbrai

Senators Gerstein and eaton

Senators Gerstein and Finley

Here are some photos and videos from the Conservative Convention. It was a fun 3 days in Ottawa.
Friday started off with a multifaith prayer breakfast , which was quite full. The keynote speaker was Father De Souza from the National Post. Lois Brown sang the National anthem with a Choir of young women from Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa.
Afterwards we speend the day in deliberations on a number of issues.
I attended the Leaders Circle luncheon with HM Pm Harper and Mrs harper. Lots of MP's were also there. I got another photo with HM PM, but it is kind of blurry.

HM PM gave the keynote on Friday night and the room was absolutely packed. There must of have been 5000 people. MP's and even some of HM Ministers had trouble finding seats. HM PM gave an absolutely rousing speech. He was also very open to Quebec. He called for our next project to be to get seats in Montreal!
Here is the speech

They showed this on the big screen . It was magnificent.

A few more pathetic protesters

HM Minister Jason Kenney from the night before. He remembers we are the Great Dominion and ends with the Maple leaf Forever!

The last day was the plenary sessions and we passed a lot of interesting resolutions on reducing inter provincial trade barriers, reducing human trafficking, not having cap and trade and much more!
We ended the day with MP5 singing the National Anthem!!

Harper speech fires up convention crowd par US-WorldNews

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