Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Government arts funding

Before lefties complain that I don't support the arts , let me say I support 3 theater groups , the MSO symphony and a museum. I attend many performances of various kinds annually. Private money should fund the arts. Why does the government pick winners and losers. We should cut almost all arts funding!

After five years, Toronto theatre festival SummerWorks lost its federal funding from Canadian Heritage, weeks before its 21st season. Meanwhile, Jim Flaherty, federal Minister of Finance, announced $500,000 in funding for Canada’s Walk of Fame Festival Tuesday.

When asked how the government decides who gets funded, Flaherty said: “It’s a decision of Canada Heritage. We get thousands of applications every year.

“One thing I’d say, and maybe this is different from the way it used to be, we actually don’t believe in festivals and cultural institutions assuming that year after year after year, they’ll receive government funding from the government of Canada. They ought not to assume entitlement to grants … because there is lots of competition and lots of other festivals and new ideas that come along. So it’s a good idea for everyone to stay on their toes.”


Anonymous said...

These bottom feeders never thank tax-payer for the money they DID get and kept getting, NOOOOOOO...they only whine once the nippple is pulled away and they must learn to walk.

Anonymous said...

Artists keep harping about how the arts make money which is put back into the community. Which brings up the question as why they can't survive without taxpayers funding their art.

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