Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Fading hoax

More evidence of the fading hoax. I am quite glad the HM Canadian government are leaving the Kyoto scam.

Cooper: Scientists grow cool to global warming theory
The curious social movement of environmentalism is in decline. The strange little cult of anthropogenic global warming is moribund. This is good news for science.

When the Chretien government signed the Kyoto Protocol, I argued they had succumbed to moral panic. Moral panics are periodic outbursts of nuttiness similar to what some of the Vancouver rioters said happened to them. When I was a kid, they said that comic books would destroy your soul. Then it was video games. Current moral panics include obesity, especially in kids, and the oilsands.

In the past year or so, the moral panic over global warming has died. Climategate helped. We now know that climate scientists, particularly if they work for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, like to cook their data.

Steve McIntyre, who with Ross McKitrick exposed the fraudulent IPCC "hockey stick" graph purporting to show massive global temperature increases, regularly discusses sequels to the Climategate story. The latest concerned the contribution of a lead author to an IPCC report, Sven Teske, an activist with Greenpeace International. He recycled a piece of advocacy journalism he first wrote for Greenpeace. He then peer reviewed his own work for the IPCC. That's one way to get another line on your resume.

Today, academic conferences have become venues for real scientific debate. Recently, the University of Ottawa hosted an international meeting of "climate realists," as Bob Carty, a geology professor from Australia, called his colleagues. Only one speaker came close to endorsing the catastrophic claims of the IPCC. The rest of the panic-mongers stayed home. For them, the science is truly settled. They have nothing more to learn.

And yet, science moves on. For example, earlier this year, a Swedish geophysicist, Nils-Axel Moerner, published a paper in the journal Energy and Environment flatly contradicting the IPCC predictions of an ice-free Arctic, a prospect that has significant policy implications for Canada.

His argument was straightforward. Variation in solar activity -radiance and sun spots -affect the Earth's temperature and rotation, which in turn affect the Gulf Stream and the movement of ice and cold Arctic water, allowing it to penetrate as far south as Portugal. Soon, kids will skate again on the Thames and England will become a hockey powerhouse.


Anonymous said...

Glo-Bull Warming, heh.

Sixth Estate said...

If Cooper had bothered to read that paper, he'd note that it was ADDING the possible effects of solar variation, not CORRECTING the climate model -- so when the solar pattern cycles back toward the warmer side, we'll be back in trouble again.

Plus, the claim that the science is now mostly turning away from climate change is demonstrably wrong, as was obviously know to whoever was trolling the journals looking for articles to cherry-pick in the first place.

Not that that makes the minority wrong. Science isn't done by opinion poll. But Cooper's claims just don't stand up to much scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

True believers in Glo-Bull Warming should all stop exhaling.

Anonymous said...

More evidence of the fading hoax.

Unfortunately it's not fading fast enough for me!

Anonymous said...

"when the solar pattern cycles back toward the warmer side, we'll be back in trouble again'

what garbage, we were'nt in trouble in the first place so that statement is totally idiotic. if we really were in trouble all the true belivers would have stopped using fossil fuels; since they haven't they don't even beleive

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