Monday, June 13, 2011

Chantal Hebert ON The Tories and Quebec

 An interesting piece in le devoir. I believe in the constitutional separation of powers. I do not believe in a strong centralizing government. I believe in Canada. I am a federalist.
HM PM Harper has been very open to Quebec. He believes in the separation of powers. the dippers are centralizers and the grits are increasingly irrelevant.
HM Pm Harper expressed his wish to win over the people of Quebec. We Quebec Tories will work for the next several years to bring that about!

But today is the PLC that is likely to commit hara-kiri by going back to the barricades against the separatist aspirations in Quebec.

Car ce n'est pas l'opposition officielle néodémocrate qui va s'insurger contre le vocabulaire du premier ministre sur le Québec. For it is not the official opposition NDP is going to rebel against the vocabulary of the Prime Minister on Quebec. Pour la formation de Jack Layton, la reconnaissance de la particularité québécoise constitue depuis longtemps une façon de régler la quadrature du cercle de sa conception d'un gouvernement central fort et de la réalité québécoise. For the formation of Jack Layton and the recognition of the special Quebec has long been a way to solve the quadrature of the circle of his vision of a strong central government and the Quebec reality.

Par contre, en 2006, l'opposition libérale aux Communes avait appuyé la résolution parlementaire sur la nation québécoise sur fond de profonds déchirements et de sonores grincements de dents. By cons, in 2006, the Liberal opposition in the Commons had supported the parliamentary resolution on the Quebec nation against a backdrop of deep anguish and gnashing of teeth sound. Dans l'état actuel du PLC, il n'ya guère de salut en vue sans résurrection au Québec, mais peu ou pas de perspective de retour en grâce sans renoncer à une partie de l'évangile selon Pierre Trudeau. In the current state of the PLC, there is little hello for no resurrection in Quebec, but little or no prospect of return through without giving up a portion of the Gospel according to Pierre Trudeau. C'est un renoncement qui ne viendra ni facilement ni naturellement à ce qui reste de la base militante libérale. It is a renunciation that will not come easily or naturally to what remains of the liberal activist base.


Anonymous said...

It would be helpful if our school system taught the notion that a strong federation means strong Provinces.

The Dippers are from a Lenin/Trotsky era of Commanding Heights control. They are central planners. Utopians of the future. Believing the elite can design the perfect plan for us peasants. But the looming conflict with that is Quebec wants more autonomy. How Layton is going to deal with that conflict will be great fun to watch. Like all utopian plans they might be attractive on paper but impossible to implement.


Anonymous said...

Was that a machine translation? Pretty strange. I think I'll go back to the original.

Saw Mme Hebert at the convention. She was one of only two pundits on a Radio Canaa panel of at least ten after the English language debate in the election who said that Harper had won the English language debate

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