Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chantal Hebert on the separatists

Am interesting piece on Quebec's flight from Catholicism and now from separation. I wish they would return to Catholicism, but I am happy separatism is dying. The last saw the death of the bq. Hopefully the next election in Quebec will herald the death if the PQ. The ADQ must be ready. It could be their tome again.

It was not so long ago — only a few decades — that devout Quebecers took to the streets in droves on June 24 to celebrate their Catholic faith on the name day of Saint Jean-Baptiste, the patron saint of French-Canadians.

Then, in a matter of only a few years in the ’60s, Quebec took the Catholic Church down from its pedestal, consigned its cardinals and bishops to their altars and moved on with a collective single-mindedness that caused that period to go down in history as the Quiet Revolution.

A half-century after that seismic shift, the FĂȘte Nationale weekend finds the high priests (and priestesses) of the sovereignty movement scrambling to deal with a similar exodus from their various chapels.

That the Quebec sovereignty movement is undergoing a massive crisis of faith is obvious. That its decline may turn out to be as permanent as that of the Catholic Church in the Quebec of the ’60s is a real possibility.

On that score, the polls that show that one in two Quebecers still declares himself or herself a sovereignist are as misleading as the census numbers that recurrently report that a majority of the province’s population is Catholic.

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