Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chantal Hebert on the dippers and grits

An interesting piece on the need for grits and dippers to merge. Some of my friends want to see a surviving grit carcass, so that we Tories can continue feed on it when we wish. I just want the grits gone. I would love them to merge with the dippers. The remaining blue grits would run screaming form this socialist utopianist party right into the waiting arms of the Tories. Indeed I think most blue grits have already left.
Unfortunately merger seems unlikely, but the ongoing irrelevance of the grits will continue.

The federal NDP is celebrating 50 years of existence this weekend but also a half a century of consistent electoral failures.

Until last month’s election, it had sat in a corner twice-removed from the government side of the House of Commons for five decades, comforting itself in the notion that its real purpose was to be the conscience of Parliament.

That may have been true in the party’s early years but one has to go back to the 1960s and ’70s to find major national policies that bear the NDP imprint.


Anonymous said...

I believe that having former Liberals enter the CPC in large numbers would be a disaster. Stephen Harper, has shown a constantly left-shifting tendency. Whoever follows him will not be different. In an attempt to attract these runaway Grits, the CPC Leadership will go even further left, and eventually we will have no right wing party – only a centrist party and the NDP.

In the fullness of time, the CPC will end up looking exactly like the old centrist party, the Liberals, and I predict the right wingers will give up and start their own “Reform”.

And the whole mess will start again.

Anonymous said...

And I totally agree. Harper wants to replace the Liberals with the Liberals by another name with him in charge. Completely disappointing. I want Reform back now. Preston?

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