Wednesday, June 01, 2011

bob rae leaks to Americans on iffy

Even I am surprised how much iffy and rae hate each other. Fascinating rae felt he could unburden himself to our American allies. Now rae is grit "leader". This should set up years more of acrimony and infighting.

If you’ve ever tried to get Bob Rae to answer a question he didn’t want to address, you know that one of his skills as a politician is the ability to obfuscate: the man can talk for 10 minutes, giving all appearance of candour, without revealing a hint of his real thoughts.

If you’re a U.S. diplomat, though, the new Interim Liberal Leader is evidently transformed into Mr. Blabbermouth.

Recent details from Wikileaks reveal Mr. Rae wowing American diplomats with his eloquence and leadership abilities, musing on the possible demise of the Liberal party and explaining the rational for the Liberals’ determination to force an election despite any sign that Canadians wanted one.

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been around the block said...

I don't know! I must be clairvoyant, or something!

I've always sensed that Bob Rae was lurking stage left, just waiting to take centre stage when Michael Ignatieff forgot his lines.

He wasn't overt about it -- after all, Rae and Iggy were roommates at Trinity College at U. of T. -- but it was clear to me that Rae would have absolutely no hesitation in taking over the leadership role in the LPC.

And, now it's happened! Bob Rae's out for Bob Rae. I wonder how he plans to help the Liberal Party rebuild? He's damaged goods, himself, and the LPC needs to reach out. 'Wonder how that's going to happen, seeing as Bob's most comfortable admiring himself in the mirror.

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