Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why the Poor Vote Tory?

An interesting article in the red star. Fortunately some of the poor realize the poverty industry needs them to stay poor. The poor and all Canadians are better off with the Tories.

They aren’t ready to hear this yet, but the anti-poverty activists who work tirelessly to promote the interests of low-income Canadians need to ask why so many of them voted for Stephen Harper last week.

They won’t like the answers they get. They won’t understand how food bank users and social housing tenants could think the Prime Minister is on their side. They’ll be tempted to interrupt or object.

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Ghost Dancer said...

I had to double check to see if that was the Star.Shes correct on some points.Myself im a mirror on the environment i grew up with.
My parents did keep me safe, put a roof over my head and got me an education.

Society made my adult view of life what it is today.I got mugged in downtown Toronto by a street gang,seen the underworld as a drug user,never been unionized,woke to dangers of alchohol/drugs,lost friends to cocaine and heroin.

Ive also lived on the street and went work to earn my first apartment.

In the end though my folks were right about a great many things but i was too young and naive to listen.Well im all ears now!LOL!

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