Sunday, May 29, 2011

Very Sad

My deepest sympathies to the friends and family of Bombardier Karl Manning.

Manning, 31, died in what the military describes as a "non-hostile" "non-accident" incident, which is code for he likely took his own life.
The flag did come to half staff after Milner's statement, in contrast to other times when it's been lowered the moment the headquarters learned of a death.
Whether it was a deliberate or inadvertent gesture, it said much about how the military's "go get'em" culture struggles to deal with suicide.
Manning, a native of Chicoutimi, Que., was an artillery soldier and radar operator, who spent the better part of a nearly completed tour at a remote base amid the desolate hard scrub villages of western Panjwaii.
It is a stark, hostile place that for years had been a Taliban sanctuary _ until the Canadian battle group, led by the 1st Battalion Royal 22e Regiment, pushed into the area last December.
Manning's body was discovered by fellow soldiers at the outpost in the Zangabad area on Friday.

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