Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two down , one to go

The people of Ontario need to get rid of dalton mcliar and his disastrous liberal government.
The reasons are myriad. he has repeatedly raised taxes, a billion dollars gone on e health, the province has a massive deficit, his green energy boondoggle and so much more. Tim Hudak recently promised to reverse the green boondogle. It's time for dalton to go. Its time for a premier Tim Hudak!

This is an oversimplification of the results, but what it means for Ontario Liberals come October is the same. There's little likelihood voters will be in any better mood by then. And the Dalton Gang has provided an abundance of reasons why people will choose to show them the door.

The latest is the secret 1% deal with one public sector union, while government leaders were talking about wage and cost controls.

Not only is a secret deal anathema to a democracy, but this one also illustrates a government with the backbone of a garter snake. The Gang was willing to freeze the wages of non-union workers, where they knew they'd face little opposition.

But they ran scared of the unions doing nothing to control either negotiated or arbitrated wage settlements. The secret deal shows things were even worse than imagined.

The Gang has done other backroom deals, such as the one involving offshore electrical giant Samsung. The company is to bring green-sector jobs to Ontario, in exchange for sweetheart pricing and years of bonuses.

This deal is part of the green energy imbroglio in which the government finds itself. Even supporters of green energy don't understand the above-market prices paid for power that regularly is sold out of province at discount rates because it isn't needed.

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