Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Tory Majority!!!

I congratulate HM PM Harper on an historic accomplishment. It was almost a perfect win. We have a comfortable majority and the grits have lost more than 40 seats! The dipper caucus is full of inexperienced kids and even a few separatists.
I am sad for the defeats in Quebec especially of Rudy Husny , Agop Evereklian and Saulie Zajdel. This almost certainly means Maxime Bernier will once again be in cabinet and that makes me happy. I am not happy that ellie may is in parliament. I wonder if she will learn some manners. For all her talk of cooperation and civility in parliament she has been avery rude candidate. Her party will also lose a lot of money as it only obtained 3% of votes.I a ahppy for all our MP's who won and am grateful to all our candidates I am very happy that Chris Alexander has been elected. I think he should be HM Minister of Foreign Affairs! I am also very happy that Kelly Block has been re elected. John Williamson has won in New Brunswick South West and Dr Kellie Leitch has won in Simcoe Grey. Both of them are worthy of Cabinet!
Jack Layton is now Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. His caucus is likely to be pretty unruly and inexperienced. A Tory majority allows his time to learn their craft.
I agree that we are seeing a fundamental shift to a left right debate in Canada. The grits have had a terrible election. They will have less money, less seats and many of their stars were defeated. I do not see how they will survive. Ignatieff will probably resign today. I am still not sure why the grits did this? It seems suicidal. I am also enjoy watching the howls from the left. I also very pleased that the bloc has been so thoroughly defeated. I honestly would have been ok a minority for that to happen. I think the people of Quebec have made a mistake by not electing more Tory MP's, but getting rid of the bloq is a very good think for Quebec and Canada.
I must congratulate Dr. Conrad Winn of Compas. I spoke to him last weekend at Civitas and he correctly predicted a strong majority. One has to wonder about the other pollsters who all seemed to have underestimated Tory strength particularly ekos.
Of course I agree with my friend Michael Taube. We should reduce the deficit, reduce the size of government, continue to cut taxes9 Flat Tax!!!!!!) and we really need to eliminate section 13 a of the hrcs! Let's do these things early in the mandate.
I am very very happy and Tired. I spent the day yesterday driving elderly people to the polls, including my Mom who voted Tory for the first time in her life. I am so happy we have will not have an election until 2015.
Our convention in June will be a lot of fun!!! I think all of my friends who have spent so much time and energy to accomplish this historic victory!!


trustonlymulder said...

More than likely means only 4 cabinet ministers from Quebec.

Skinny in Toronto said...

speaking of rookie MPs and stuff, wasn't Maxime Bernier the one who left all kinds of sensitive national security documents somewhere for bikers or anyone to casually read?

I think it was.

burpnrun said...

The fun is just starting. Going to be a really interesting roller-coaster ride:

I also recommend Silver's appraisal, not so much "how the Libs got here", but how he sees the immediate future of the party unfolding; high drama coming:

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