Monday, May 16, 2011

The Tory Convention

I look forwarding to meeting many of you in June at the Tory Convention in Ottawa June 9-11 It should be a lot fun.
I am a member of the Leaders Circle so the registration is free for me. I have been disappointed to hear how many young people and, even young staffers,cannot attend the convention because of the high registration costs. In the past I have paid the registrations for a few young people to attend but that is no longer legal because of donation limits.
I would like to suggest to the party that we have a deeply discounted rate for young people especially if they helped us during the campaign.
I encourage you all to register and come to the convention.
If you can't attend the actual convention there are fringe events with the Manning Center and lots of parties. I will be announcing a big party in the next few days. Look out for it!
Come celebrate our victory! Come help shape Tory policy! Come and meet your fellow Tories from across Canada! Come for the parties and fringe events! Attend the Tory convention in Ottawa.

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