Monday, May 23, 2011

Spanish Elections

 Spanish voters have abandoned the socialist party in droves. The Spanish economy ( held up by bo for its green jobs strategy ) is in shambles. The Popular party will almost certainly win general elections next year. I hope they can fix the mess. The Spanish also need to withdraw from the eurozone.

The Spanish Popular Party came out victorious in local and regional elections Sunday, according to early results, while demonstrators around the country said they plan to keep protesting for at least another week.

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vanillaman said...

Spain may need to stay in the Eurozone in order to if it needs to get a bailout. If it leaves the Eurozone it would be all by it's own and it would have to supply it's own bailout which will be more costly for them. Although The EU may need to consider restructuring and eliminating failed economies like Ireland and Greece and spain in order to servive

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