Sunday, May 01, 2011

Salim Mansur On #Elxn41

My friend Prof mansur is right. The Tories need a majority!!. Please go vote tomorrow!

If Harper wins a majority, he will have repeated Borden and Bennett’s almost rare electoral achievements. And it will be no mean success given previous Conservative majority governments under both John Diefenbaker and Brian Mulroney were crafted by winning a majority of Quebec seats.

In the past half century, Quebec separatism, open immigration, multiculturalism, free trade agreements, the end of the Cold War, and globalization together fashioned a new polity somewhat fragmenting the Canadian electorate.

The Liberal majorities under Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien came about largely from votes in Ontario and Quebec. But with the separatist Bloc dominating Quebec votes, English Canada was repeatedly denied electing majority governments in the last three elections.

A Harper-led Conservative majority government could forge a new consensus in Canadian politics. And it will strengthen English Canada’s confidence in building economically a more prosperous country.

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This is my vision too.

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