Sunday, May 22, 2011

Railway Children

I recently saw  the Mirvish production of The Railway Children. The sets were amazing there was a real train in the set. The theater was built for the play and is in Roundhouse Park. The authour of the book was a founder of the Fabians a pre cursor of labour in the UK, so there was some progressive class warfare nonsense in the scrip and some denunciation of the Blessed Royal Martyr Czar Nicholas II.
Generally it was a lovely play with great actors. Most of the plot was classically Victorian. The large cast greeted the audience before the performance. The actors who played the three children were great.
It was a great afternoon of theater. You really should go!

I even took a miniature train ride.

Here is a model of the theater.

i recently the Mirvish production of The Railwat Children.

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