Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prof Flanagan on electoral welfare

An interesting piece by Prof Flanaga, He thinks political parties should learn to live within their means. The grits have been spending as if they were the natural governing party. That can't continue , unless they learn to fund raise from their grass roots. The grits are a top down kind of party and I think they will die if they don't change that.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s budget is about to cancel the quarterly allowances for political parties. While critics accuse the Conservatives of wanting to bankrupt their opponents, the real-world effects are more subtle and long-term.

The Conservatives’ platform commitment is to end the allowances gradually over a three-year period. That probably means paying 75 per cent of the present amount the first year, 50 per cent the second year, 25 per cent the third year, and nothing thereafter. Thus, between passage of the budget and the next election, currently expected for October, 2015, each party will receive 150 per cent of its current annual subsidy, as compared to 400 per cent if the fiscal regime were not changed.

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