Thursday, May 26, 2011

Privatize the post?

Nathalie El Grahbly has a great piece in the Journal de Montreal advocating privatization of Canada Post. No, I am not just advocating this because it is not the Royal Mail (and it should be remade the Royal Mail and then privatized). It has been done in the UK with a Chief originally from Canada Post. It is the right thing to do. My friend Vincent Geloso has authoured a study also showing this to be a great idea.

Nathalie Elgrably-Levy
Privatize the post office?

Le Journal de Montreal, p. 25
Last year we lived in the pace of negotiations between the Common Front of public sector unions and the Quebec government. Now, they are those of Canada Post who monopolize attention.

The union representing employees of Canada Post seeks, among other things, wage increases and full job security. It will not be too surprised if the employer gives the union the bulk of its claims. Why should it be otherwise? As Canada Post has a monopoly on letter delivery, then it will suffice to pass the bill to the brave and obedient consumers.

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Krystina said...

What a coincidence! I was pondering this just the other day myself, and wondering if it would actually help there be less strikes if we changed it back to being "The Royal Mail" (Or The Royal Canadian Mail, as I originally had thought) and all that would ensue, which would be more of course, than simply having the name changed. Not to mention I think something along the lines of The Royal Canadian Mail sounds absolutely fantastic, and much better than Canada Post.

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