Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Pollsters except for Conrad Winn of Compas and Ipsos Reid underestimated Tory strength. Ekos was among the worst at stating Tory strength. They rpedicted a Tory minority with a grit dipper result which would be higher that the Tories
Alan Gregg on polls. Seat projections were pretty poor for everyone. I think that we should have polls realesed in the 72 hours before a vote. I can't say I was very impressed with all this polling. I guess the lesson for everyone is you should add 3-4% to pollsters numbers to Tory numbers when you read most polls. The pollsters can't actually poll the fact that our base is rock solid and actually does vote. The Tories should remeber that rock solid base and it's time to do some conservative things like get rid of hrc section 13 1 and many other things I have suggested before( flat tax!!!!). I guess it is a coincidence that the leftist liberal cbc uses the pollster that most underestimates Tory strength as their pollster. Not.

Frank Graves, EKOS Research

What he said prior to election: “We would see a Conservative minority where the NDP were within 20 seats and the NDP and the Liberals combined would have a narrow majority between them.”

What he said last night: “This has not been a good night for me. We were almost spot on about the popular vote, but where we really screwed up was with the Tory majority. We need to go back and do some work to find out what went wrong, but nobody has the resources to do this. This is done on a shoestring budget, and while we do our best to try and understand our failures it requires analysis and time and nobody is really interested in that.”

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