Saturday, May 28, 2011


HM Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson

Carol Williams PCPO Candidate

Senator Wallin PC Ontario Leader Tim Hudak

Campaign Manager Mark Spiro

Rocco Rossi

HM Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney

Lisa MacLeod             Christine Elliot

Tim Powers

MPs Stella Ambler and Bernard Trottier

HM Minister of Democratic Reform Tim Uppal

HM Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty    Steve Stinson   Christine Elliot 
 I am attending the Ontario PC Party AGM. It is 131 days before the next Ontario Provincial election. There are 1650 people attending the Toronto convention. That is the second highest attendance of any PC convention. There is a lot of energy in the rooms of the convention. Many federal Tory MPs were in attendance.  Many PC Candidates helped their federal cousins in the recent federal election.
 HM Minister of Citizenship Jason Kenney gave a rousing lunch time speech to a packed room. He told of his hard work in the last 5 years, which helped us win a majority. He said we helped win immigrant votes not by pandering like the grits, but by appealing to the values most immigrants have, which are conservative values.
PC Ontario leader gave two great speeches. On Friday he did an interview with Senator Wallin and took audience questions. On Saturday after many speakers exhorting Ontario Tories to victory Tim gave a barnburner. Tim gave details of changebook, the new PC Ontario platform. It is a very sensible platform of tax cuts, spending cuts and law and order. It also includes making union ratification votes and limiting unions ability to force their members to fund union leader leftist agendas ( the ADQ also passed similar policies). The crowd gave Tim a rapturous reply. changebook will be released soon.
I really think Tim Hudak will be the next Premier of Ontario! The Ontario PC's seem ready willing and able!

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