Thursday, May 19, 2011

The New Cabinet

 Yesterday was a big news day for HM Canadian Government. I generally thought the cabinet picks were goos. I would have preferred a few changes ( like Maxime having a bigger portfolio and having Chris Alexander and John Williamson in cabinet). I knew The Bev Oda would remain in Cabinet.  I think it is a pretty solid cabinet.  I am also ok with appointing new Senators.  This is the way the system works now. As I said before I would prefer an elected Senate or that Senators be directly picked by the Sovereign in consultation with HM Governor General. Senate reform will take place under this government. I also not the near absence of news about the grits yesterday. There was Jack Layton whining that there should be more women, but precious little from the grits. I suspect as time goes on this will increasingly be the case.
I think the Tories need to do some bold things in the next 12 months. Hopefully they will. I am happy to see lots of criticism of the party from the right. We need to keep up the pressure. HM Canadian governments generally end up governing from the center, we in the conservative movement need to move that center gradually to the right.

Raymond J. de Souza: Jason Kenney and John Baird are the Tories’ dynamic duo

Chris Wattie/Reuters
Jason Kenney and John Baird personify the hard work that got the party its majority.
It was mostly old, a few bits new, rather boring, and Tory blue. Prime Minister Stephen Harper had his new cabinet sworn in, and continuity was the theme. With few changes in major portfolios, it was rather dull, but Mr. Harper is successful in part because he offers as little drama as possible. Stable government was the campaign slogan. Stability was what Canadians got.

There was one major vacancy — foreign affairs — and one senior minister who had to move, John Baird, his talents no longer needed as house leader in a majority parliament. The two were matched up, and for the most part the other key players were left in place — Finance, Justice, Public Safety and Defence left unchanged.

Behind the scenes there was an important move, with Jason Kenney taking over as chairman of the cabinet operations committee. As the architect of the Tory majority, Kenney retained the same ministry but was rewarded with the powerful chairmanship. Cabinet government is something of a misnomer since the bloated cabinets of the Mulroney era; all key decisions are taken at the two principal cabinet committees, priorities and operations. The prime minister chairs the priorities committee. Kenney chairs operations.


Anonymous said...

Only a brain dead like yourself would be happy with Harper appointing rejected MP's to the senate.

maryT said...

Hey anon, how many votes did these 3 get. They received over 50,000 votes so they must have some supporters. They were not rejected by the Canadian voter, they were rejected by the voters in their own riding. Big difference. You are just upset that the PM got his majority in the Senate before June 2, so we could have control of the committee chairmanships.
Accept it, the conservatives won a majority govt because the coalition of losers believed the media and themselves that Canadians wanted PMSH gone. How wrong they were. Canadians gave the PM more power than he had before. Thank you media.

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