Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More stupid parent tricks

Wow, there are still hippies around. These parents are truly odd. How very sad for their children. Children are very resilient and will survive these nutty parents, but one worries about them anyways.

Barbara Kay: A child’s biology is not a matter of choice

Children should not be used as guinea pigs in new-aged social experiments.
In 1978, a children’s book was published called X: A Fabulous Child’s Story, about a child with no gender. X liked both football and basket-weaving, ignored schoolyard teasing and ended up as the happiest, most well-adjusted child ever examined by “an impartial team of experts.”

What are the odds of two utopians, married to each other and both blinkered enough to find this unrealistic story so “compelling” they would use it as a template for raising their own child?

Meet one-in-a-trillion Toronto couple Kathy Witterick, 38, and David Stocker, 39, parents of Jazz, 5, and Kio, 2 — both acknowledged to be boys — and their four-month-old baby Storm, knowledge of whose sex the parents are withholding because, after reading Lois Gould’s story, “How could we not?”


Anonymous said...

Jazz and Kio? Aren't those Honda models in the Japanese market?

Anonymous said...

Since you can't understand, you mock?
Imagine if everyone who misunderstood you did the same?

As an extremely girlish fat man, you should be a little more tolerant.

john said...

I can't wait until the future when these brats who have lived with a lifetime of political correctness do what come naturally.

Kio, Jazz Storm and their three spayed & neutered foster sibllings, Turnip, Ouch, and Overdue Parking Meter toss mumsy & daddsy into a nursing home to rot - (Oops I mean be cared for by experts).

john said...

Anon #2 said: "Since you can't understand, you mock?"

Nope I understand it completely. THAT *IS* why I mock.

Anon #2 "an extremely girlish fat man"

Yeah all he's ever done is go to med school become an endocrinologist and treat a few thousand ailing patients. That's nothing right? I mean next to you anon. Why YOU ... YOU'RE an anonymous internet smart ass! Oooooo Aaaaaahhhh. (Impressive!)

L said...

Storm is likely a girl with a sad name. She and her older brothers will sort it out and teach their parents that boys and girls are different. While I do not admire this parenting approach, this is another media story designed to discredit parents. National day care would ensure that the hippies are saved from themselves, right? By the way Roy, Vancouver Island is a haven for all the people I knew in university (in Alberta) who wore beads and smoked dope.

My daughter grew up in a household having mostly boy toys (trucks, cars etc.), books. She, herself, chose to play with stuffed animals and the dolls my son had but did not play with often.

Anony: those who have no valid point mock and insult.

Anonymous said...

L. Those who have NO SPINE whimper for "tolerance".

BigRed said...

When I read this article, I was concerned. I'm not in the mouth-breathing category of taking the kids away. I personally think that gender socialization is a large part of our society only because we let it become so ingrained and can lead to peers and parents not allowing kids to try everything they might want to (even these days in downtown Toronto, you won't find many 6 year old girls in boxing or 1st grade boys taking stitchcraft). However, while this idea is interesting in the abstract, it seems risky to just give it a go. My only consolation is that this kids peers will eventually sort out their gender and socialize them. These days, peers more than parents are the ones who shape kids identities.

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