Monday, May 16, 2011

More grit hypocrisy exposed

pseudochretien is a despicable person. He is now sucking up to the chinese commies on behalf of his in laws. His in laws must be very upset that they no longer control the government of Canada.
I knew that there were Canadian soldiers ( mostly intelligence and communications officers) in Iraq, but it seems we offered the Americans even more. Why anyone ever trusted the libranos is beyond me. The shawinigan strangler did a lot of damage to US Canada relations as did his mentor trudeau before him. It's good thing that grit lies and hypocrisy are now exposed for all to see. Perhaps there were be some disenchanted grit who will finally expose the libranos and tell us where that $41 million from adscam is. I can always hope.

The same day Canada publicly refused to join the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, a high-ranking Canadian official was secretly promising the Americans clandestine military support for the fiercely controversial operation.

The revelation that Canadian forces may have secretly participated in the invasion of Iraq is contained in a classified U.S. diplomatic memo obtained exclusively by CBC News from the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

On March 17, 2003, two days before U.S. warplanes launched their attack on Baghdad, prime minister Jean Chrétien told the House of Commons that Canadian forces would not be joining what the administration of then U.S. president George W. Bush dubbed the "coalition of the willing."

Chrétien's apparent refusal to back the Bush administration's invasion, purportedly launched to seize weapons of mass destruction possessed by Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein (which were never found), was hugely popular in Canada, widely hailed as nothing less than a defining moment of national sovereignty.

But even as Chrétien told the Commons that Canada wouldn't participate in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Canadian diplomats were secretly telling their U.S. counterparts something entirely different.


Anonymous said...

The sucking up has been going on for many many years on behalf of Power Corp. Trudeau,Chretien,Lyin Brian Mulroney ,Martin, Moe Strong and many other p1$$ poor government "has beens" were at one time employees of Power Corp.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

It's always interesting to see more evidence that the Federal Liberal's have made lying, cheating and corruption into an "art form".
But, I caution everyone; you ain't seen nothing yet. Watch the NDP as they stock up on union reps to fill their center block offices. Many of these folks have never heard the word "ethics", let alone understand what it means.
My prediction is that these new "princes" will make Machiavelli look like an amateur.

Paul MacPhail said...

"...purportedly launched to seize weapons of mass destruction possessed by Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein (which were never found)"

Funny how every reporter feels a need to claim that WMD's were never found, as if they did the search themself.

Oh well, it's taken them until now to find the proof of the Liberals' double-talk regarding the resumption of the Iraq war which until now you would swear they "never found".

Just sayin'.

been around the block said...

The Desmarais Family's Power Corporation's gas and oil interests in Iraq, Total, Fina, Elf, and their business relationship with Sadam Hussein are the real reason Canada didn't join the coalition of the willing.

Seeing as Jean Chretien's daughter, France, is married to Andre Desmarais, Chretien didn't want to implicate Canada in anything that would interfere with his daughther's and grandchildren's wealth.

The day Canada refused to stand shoulder to shoulder with the U.S. against a vicious and tyrannical dictator was a day in infamy. I was deeply ashamed and mad as Hell at Chretien, the old lying, two-face shyster.

Anonymous, don't forget that along with Trudeau, Mulroney, Martin, Strong, and co., and their relationship with Power Corporation, the "new" generation of the Power Corp/Librano connection sits with Bob Rae, whose brother, John, is a CEO of Power Corporation.

With Chretien, Martin, et al., the sleaze never ends, except now that Prime Minister Harper has a majority, Power Corporation has lost its grip on the party in power. I hope that the CPC launches some forensic investigations into the whereabouts of the $41-million stolen in the Adscam scandal and in the unable-to-be-audited trust -- I mean, slush -- funds the Liberal$ set up. Canadians have been lied to, scammed, and stolen from enough, and someone needs to get to the bottom of it. Some heads need to roll -- figuratively speaking, of course.

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