Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tom Axworthy has a proposal for cutting the budget. He wants to make hiring more efficient and reduce the number of temporary hires. I think that is a good idea to a point, but I also want to reduce the absolute size of the civil service. The more bureacrats the more opportunity for empire building and limiting the freedom of Canadians. It is time to hire far less replacements for the large number of retring civil servants and to actually cut programs!

A political win-win ripe for the taking

Thomas S. Axworthy, National Post · May 16, 2011
The Prime Minister announced in the campaign that he would balance the federal budget by 2014 (though the Tories are now casting doubt on their ability to meet that promise). If they remain committed to wiping out the present deficit of $28-billion, they will require good economic growth, substantial program cuts and reductions in the civil service.

The pain inflicted by such cuts will undoubtedly provoke loud protest, but there is one candidate for major trimmings which will end an abuse, save substantial money and is devoid of any public support. The Harper government should immediately freeze the hiring of temporary employees in the federal public service (except for dire emergencies), and use the period of the freeze to develop new rules for the use of such help while urgently reforming the lengthy recruitment process that makes the hiring of temporary staff necessary.

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