Saturday, May 07, 2011

Interesting Poll

An interesting poll in the red star. ( Shall we call it the really red star because now they will be shilling for the dippers. I unlike most Tories( apparently) would prefer the grits to merge with the dippers. I agree with HM PM Stephen Harper that we should have a left right debate in Canada. This what the RLQ thinks should be the case in Quebec as well.
 The second part of the poll just made me laugh.  The new grit messiah is le petit dauphin, justin.  I wonder if even justin believes a new messiah will rescue the sinking grits.

The outcome of this week’s federal election is rekindling talk of uniting the country’s political left, but a new poll finds a majority of Canadians are against a merger of the now lofty New Democratic Party and the much-diminished Liberal Party of Canada.

Fifty-two per cent of Canadians moderately or strongly disapprove of a merger between the NDP and the Liberals, according to a new Angus Reid poll done in partnership with the Toronto Star.

That’s in contrast to the 37 per cent who say they moderately or strongly approve of the two parties joining, while12 per cent say they aren’t sure how they feel about the idea.

But for those respondents who identify themselves as Liberal supporters, 65 per cent think a merger might be the only way to save the party once called the natural governing party of Canada.

“The Liberals are like a boxer who’s just been knocked to the mat and is asked, ‘Are you going to retire?’ ” said Jaideep Mukerji, vice-president of Angus Reid Public Opinion. “I think they’re still shell-shocked, so in the coming weeks and months I wouldn’t be surprised if that number changes.”

Of those respondents identified as NDP voters, 47 per cent support the idea of a merger with the Liberals.


Anonymous said...

This is a silly poll.

Why would most people give a rat's ass about the future of the Lib. party?

Consider that about 40% probably didn't vote and among those that did less than then 20% voted for the red machine.

What value is there in asking a Conservative about the future of the Lib party?

The poll recognizes this and tries to find results solely from those who voted Liberal. But even then most people vote out of civic duty and are not interested in what goes on within Liberal party (it sort of like the sausage making analogy).

One of the largest errors made by the Liberals is trying to find out where the public is on issues by polling and then adopting that as their position.

dmorris said...

I don't see a merger as a good idea for Canada. Most Liberals I know are soft socialists,basically capitalists with what they call a social conscience.

Most NDP'ers I know are hard line anti-capitalism, use the phrase "evil corporations" and "big oil" as a part of their daily conversation.

These two groups are incompatible. Conservatives tend to lump anyone to their Left in the same group,much as Dippers often do with Liberals and Conservatives.

There is a real disconnect between the average Liberal of my acquaintance,many of them are free market business people, and the NDP.

The current NDP are a hodgepodge of old socialists and hard line communists who came over to the NDP in despair after the fall of the Berlin wall.

I fear that a merger would result in the hard liners eventually holdinmg the power in the new Party,and eventually taking over the government of Canada,which would lead to disastrous policies like those that brought Europe to it's knees.

Nope, imho, keep 'em separate,we'll all be better off.

burpnrun said...

The Liberals merge with the REAL Communist Party of Canada? Never! Well, at least I hope not.

Jack's taking great pains to keep his communist-style constitution hidden from public view. And I mean really great pains!

I Support Lord Black