Monday, May 30, 2011

HM Canadian Forces

I am a strong supporter of HM Canadian Forces. One of the many reasons I spent so much time and money to defeat the grit hordes was their shameful treat ment of the military. It truly was a decade of darkness. The grits had no compunction of sending Canadian young peeopl into harm's way with little or no equipment, with helicopters that would fall out of the sky.
Things are much better, though we need to more rebuilding to restore the military. We must restore the honourable traditions of the military and build up our forces. This article makes me think we are well on her way.
A proud military once again
Shaun Francis, National Post · May 30, 2011 | Last Updated: May 30, 2011 3:04 AM ET

Recently I visited Kingston's Royal Military College to watch 200 cadets graduate and become newly commissioned officers in the Canadian military. RMC's commanding officer, Commodore William Truelove, had invited me to attend, to receive an honorary degree and give the commencement speech. The scale of the production left me in awe. Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay, the RMC chancellor, presented the students with their degrees. At sunset, a Canadian Forces skydiving team parachuted into ceremonies that included marching bands, highland dancers and fireworks. The next morning featured a Snowbirds fly-by to mark Chief of the Defence Staff General Walt Natynczyk's inspired commissioning of the new graduates as officers in the Canadian Forces. As I watched all this, it occurred to me how lucky we are to have such a professional group of young leaders representing our country.


AtlanticJim said...

Sorry, but I will take a direct entry officer over a RMC grad anyday.

DEOs are FAR more likely to be willing to learn.

RMC grads tend towards smug, self important know it alls that know very very little.

Anonymous said...

There is still much to do and far to go to get the Canadian Forces into the 21rst century.

By far the biggest drag on the Forces is internal, the maze of bureaucracy and layers of Headquarters that consume so much resources and money. This also makes procurement such a drag, with vital equipment taking decades to get into service. It literally took the pressure of War to get a rapid procurment of Leopard II tanks and other war fighting equipment, and I suspect one of the reasons for the CF-35 to be selected without an official competition was to try and fast track another vital purchase before the CF-18s were too old and worn out to fly.

Eliminating a vast chunk of bureaucracy and headquarters also releases much more money for recruiting and training the actual soldiers, sailors and airmen on the "sharp end", who actually bear the burdens of service and perform the tasks we demand of the military. If there is a desirable long term goal it should be to bring the ratio of officers to enlisted to equal that of the USMC, a very sharp and non bureaucratic force compared to most others.

A smaller, faster and more responsive command structure is the way to go for the CF, and the associated benefits of freeing resources for more service members to be recruited and trained will make our military far more effective.

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