Thursday, May 12, 2011

grits can blame trudeau

I am not afan of the socialist pierre elliot trudeau. his ridiculous legacy of statism and multicultural ghettoes has haunted Canada for many years. His "charter of rights" has subverted the common law. His nep alienated the west. He put Canada into massive debt. He cavorted with tyrants and supported their tyranny.I guess the one kind of good thing he did was sow the seeds of destruction of the grits.

On Feb. 18, 1980, the Liberals won 68 per cent of the Quebec vote, and 74 of its 75 seats in the House of Commons.

The circumstances were unique, never to be repeated - Quebec was then only three months from the first referendum on sovereignty, and the voters wanted Pierre Trudeau, not Claude Ryan, as the federalist champion. They also wanted Trudeau as prime minister of Canada to say no to separatism in case, by some accident of history, they said yes.

That worked for Trudeau, restored as Liberal leader following the defeat on its budget of the minority Tory government of Joe Clark. This led to Trudeau's finest hour as prime minister, the referendum campaign in which he personified a Canadian Quebec.

But then Trudeau hijacked the results of the referendum for his own ends - the patriation of the Constitution with an entrenched Charter of Rights over the objections of Quebec, principal home to one of Canada's two official language communities. Or in his own words: "le foyer principale du Canada francais."

Two events in the fall of 1980 would have long-term consequences for the Liberals. One was the National Energy Program, which has left the party in the wilderness in the West from that day to this.

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