Friday, May 20, 2011

grit infighting

Seems many grits don't believe bob rae. There seems to be no end on grit infighting. They were so busy fighting they were absent during the announcements of cabinet. In 6 months I wonder if anyone will even care.

OTTAWA — Liberals lined up to express concern Thursday that Bob Rae plans use his possible position as interim leader to mount a campaign for the permanent leadership of the party despite saying he has no plans to do so.

Rae told supporters in a conference call Thursday that he wants to run for the interim leader job and will abide by the new rules set out by the party's executive that would effectively ban him from trying a third time for the permanent leadership.

In an email to Liberal MPs, senators and staffers, Rae laid out the conditions under which he would "accept" the interim leadership, saying if the party planned a contest 18 to 24 months from now, that is "the context within which I would accept the appointment as interim leader."


Joe said...

What's the difference between an interim leader and a permanent leader? They both seem to last about the same length of time.

oxygentax said...

The last thing the Canadian public needs is a Liberal leadership campaign that lasts 18 months. Are any of the current debtors barred from trying again I wonder?

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