Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Geert Wilders is Coming to Canada

Controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders will be coming to Canada next week. H e is being brought in by the International Free Press Society of Canada. He will speak in London, Toronto and Ottawa.

I will be meeting Wilders in Ottawa , where the host of the event is of course Ezra. I must say I find some of Wilders positions troubling, but I do defend his right to free speech. The Dutch are trying Wilders, in an attempt to silence him. That is outrageous.
I do believe the jihadi threat to the west is very serious. I just don't believe all Muslims are jihadis. I have many Muslim friends who despise the jihadis as much as I do.
You can buy tickets at the IFPS. May I again take this opportunity to remind HM"s newly elected Canadian government that we have unreasonable limits on free speech in this country. We need to get rid of section 13(1) of the hrc act!

Interview with Mr. Wilders on Firefox News par groepwilders

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quick, call the hrc's from all acroos this great free country. old white guy.

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