Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Geert Wilders in Canada

I will be meeting Geert Wilders today in Ottawa. He is on a Canadian tour. I don't really agree with Wilders on Islam. I do believe most Muslims are moderates, but I have no illusions about the jihadi threat. I would never ban any book. I do agree with Wilders on limiting immigration and doing more security checks on immigrants. I do agree that he should have the right to speak! Holland is now prosecuting Wilders for what else speech and thought crimes.
More from Kathy, BCF and from Jonathan Kay.

Watch Ezra interview him here.


Paul MacDonald said...

When a guy has built a career on his desire to remove religious freedom, then I quickly walk the other way. It's not a hard choice, when you see the Europeans that flock to him.

He can speak all he wants, but he's not interested in debating his opinions.

Craig Smith said...

Most smokers are moderates too but that doesn't mean that smoking is good.

Anonymous said...

I think if you were actually able to get 'most Muslims' to state their positions, you'd be surprised how illiberal their thoughts. Unfortunately, due to taqiyya and kitman those opinions shouldn't be believed anyway.

Edmund Onward James said...

I am not a fan of Islam (Islamism is just another term for the same thing) and I have read many books and articles for the past decade about the ideology.

Like you, Dr Roy, I am a fan of Salim Mansur and he constantly states that reform is required, modernity (separation of mosque and state). But there are two major sects and there is no one leader like the Pope of the Catholic Church. Maybe that's good... I'm not sure.

However, I do know the Koran is a doctrine of the sword, period.

There is no such thing as a moderate muslim as far as the clerics are concerned. One either believes the Koran, words from Allah or... Perhaps moderates live in Canada since we haven't been terrorized with bomb explosions yet. Although the HRC can be considered bullies for free speech and support Islam...

Anonymous said...

You need to watch Fitna if you "don't really agree"... it's on Youtube.

been around the block said...

Edmund Onward James: "Perhaps moderates live in Canada since we haven't been terrorized with bomb explosions yet."

What about the Toronto 18, who were making bombs and who had plans to blow up the CBC building here in Toronto, the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa, and behead Prime Minister Stephen Harper?

Their plans were intercepted by law enforcement, thank God, otherwise we would have been "terrorized with bomb explosions." I wonder how many other similar plans have been foiled by Canadian intelligence agencies and the police? We'll never know.

What we do know, is that since Muslims began immigrating to the West in large numbers, our lives have irrevocably changed and violence perpetrated by Muslim groups has proliferated at an alarming rate.

What I don't understand, is that we in the West no longer honour or appreciate our Christian heritage -- and all of the democratic rights it has bequeathed to us -- (and, in fact, we too often mock, ridicule, and persecute Christians), while at the same time, under the umbrella of "multiculturalism," we bend over backwards to applaud and protect all other faith groups and their rights.

It's a suicidal inclination, which just makes no sense. We're like the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water, which won't feel the heat and get the urge to jump out until it's too late.

Game over. Dead frog. That's the Islamist end-game. How come we're too blind and complacent to figure this out?

I'll partially answer my own question. Because we have thrown the Christian faith of our forefathers and mothers in the trash we no longer are the recipients of discernment, one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Without the ability to discern, to distinguish between good and evil, help or harm, we're at the mercy of blind trust that what others are doing will not harm us. This is a fool's game. Our schools are teaching our children, under the banner of "multiculturalism" (minus Christianity and those nasty British guys), that all cultures are equal, that visible minorities are in some ways superior to those of us brought up in our Western culture.

If this is so, why is it that we're not flocking to the Muslim Middle Eastern or Africa? Why is it that the flow of immigration is from there to here? If all cultures are, in fact, equal, why is there not a commensurate flow of people from the West to Muslim countries in Africa and the Middle East?

It seems to me that Geert Wilders is simply telling the world what he has observed about the effect of an influx of Muslim immigrants to Holland. Paul MacDonald, look who's removing religious freedom in Canada: Our own Human Rights (sic) Commissions and Tribunals, very often when Muslim clerics are "offended" by others' legitimate rights and freedoms, especially freedom of expression and freedom of the media.

Are Muslims interested in debating their opinions? It seems that, all too often, if you disagree with them or offend them, you're likely to find you're defending yourself, with your own money, before a Human Rights Tribunal. What happened to the host culture's freedom rights?

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