Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Geert Wilders and Ezra in Ottawa

Geert Wilders      Fred Litwin

Rabbi Hausman

Ezra Levant

Mary-Lou Ambrosio
 I attendeded the Geert Wilders event yesterday in Ottawa. I was expecting crowds of protesters, but there was not a single one. There were none at the Rideau club where the private reception took place or at the National Arts Center.  There was an attempt by the mop and pail to question why the NAC should rent its space out to anyone. Last time we looked it is a free society. It is also interesting that Rosemary Thompson seems to think that she represents the political viewpoints of the NAC as its spokesperson. The press was of course quite hostile. The cbc actually misrepresents what happened to terrorist supporter galloway. galloway never actually attempted to enter Canada the first time and therefore was not turned away.
I did actually meet Geert Wilders and his entourage including Rabbi Hausman from Boston and a lawyer from London named Roy! I found Wilders very approachable, calm and charming. I asked him about his trial and the possible sentence he could get. He said they could potentially jail him for 1.5 years , but more likely they would impose a fine. It was always nice to talk to Ezra and many other friends who attended the reception at the Rideau Club.
 The actual event was at the NAC. The room was packed. It was standing room only with a very friendly crowd. Fred Litwin  of the Free Thinking Film Society and Mary-Lou Ambrosio of the International free Press society spoke first, then Ezra and then Geert. I will post the speeches as soon as I can.  It was a very interesting evening. Though I agree with a lot of what Geert says, I do find him he goes further than I would go. I was very impressed by Geert's unwavering support for Israel. I was touched by his mention of HM Canadian Forces who liberated the Netherlands at the end of  WWII.

Here is Wilders on CFRA 580

More from Deborah Gyapong. Andrew Lawton interviews Geert Here.

James Cohen, who works with us at the International Free thinking Film Society, interviewedWilders as well.

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Geert Wilders Speech in Toronto


Anonymous said...

Sorry Dr. Roy, you are now at risk of being accused of a hate crime because you have mentioned Mr. Wilders on you page.

Yes, if the CPC has their way, it will soon be possible to sue every single person on the Blogging Tories for hate speech if they mentioned Geert Wilders and/or linked to any site mentioning him.

Bill C51, the upcoming omnibus crime bill, contains the most idiotic clause on "hateful speech" ever proposed to be put into legislation in Canada. It will be worse than the Human Rights Commission, by far.

If the CPC pushes this through, they have proven that they are no different than the Liberals, and that it's time to look for a new right wing party.

Have you talked to your Tory friends about this idiocy?

Roy Eappen said...

Yes and amendments are always possible.

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