Monday, May 09, 2011

The future of the grits

I watched this very thoughtful analysis about the future of the grits. It is worth watching. I must once again compliment Steve Paikin on his show. I personally think the future for the grits is very bleak. The one thing not really discussed is their abysmal finances. they lost close to a million votes and even if  the Tories don't eliminate electoral welfare (and we will) that is a loss of close to $2 million.  It will be very difficult raising money for a third place party.


been around the block said...

'Interesting that Steve Paikin is trying to deflect blame from Michael Ignatieff vis a vis the massive LPC flameout in our recent election.

In addition to his appointment to Massey College, Michael Ignatieff will also being contributing to the work of The Munk Centre, from where TVO's The Agenda is broadcast and to which TVO and The Agenda are connected.

L said...

Canadians already paid 3 million to the Liberals to get rid of the leader we did not like, so too bad. Find your own money.

been around the block said...

I've now watched the whole show; it was good to see flesh and blood Liberal$ admitting mistakes (like their obsession with Messiah-like leaders) and beginning to hash out the need to rebuild which, they admit, will probably take years.

I was somewhat astonished -- however, this may be naive of me -- that there was no mention of the amazing rebuilding of the Conservative Party Stephen Harper did; he brought fractious factions together and from two parties, which had fractured off the PCs after their disastrous defeat with only two seats in the HOC, built the CPC from the ground up.

There is a model they could use, but no mention of it. I suspect in private meetings with one another, they'll be looking at the strategies and tactics Stephen Harper and co. used to get where they are today.

I don't watch The Agenda often, partly because of the chumminess Steve Paikin has with L/liberals. It's difficult to imagine a similar discussion taking place if the CPC had lost as badly as the LPC has. There was a solicitousness with these losers (I mean this in the electoral sense) that we would never see with the CPC. That I'm sure of.

Having said this, I wish the LPC well in their soul-searching and deliberations as they put their party back together again. Our HOC needs worthy Oppositions (and I'm not at all clear that Jack Layton and his largely Quebec NDP Opposition is going to fill this bill for the CPC government).

Anonymous said...

IMHO, the Liberals have been kept afloat these last few years with the $40 million AdScam bucks which they never returned. I also believe they will answer for exactly that soon enough.

After a few Senior Party Officers get a one-way ticket to the Crowbar Hotel for their crimes against Canada, then-and only then- can they even begin to talk about "re-building". But, once a governing party has stolen money from the electorate and defended that act, how can they "re-build"?

Ghost Dancer said...

The election should not have happened.We told you this Liberal party.Finally some liberals showing some humility and regret.Its only took reducing yourselves to 34 seats.
Its annoying and disappointing.

Thucydides said...

Based on this and other stuff in newspapers and liberal blogs I am convinced they still have no idea what happened or why.

It seemed so easy; trigger an election, see a CPC minority government elected then trigger a Liberal led coalition to overturn the election and gain access to the treasury. The fact this ploy was so transparent to the taxpaying Canadian voter seems to have been totally overlooked or ignored by the Liberals.

Then the recycled Red Book of unfulfilled promises (national day care, carbon taxes and so on) dating back to the 1990's demonstrated that the Liberal party had no substance either.

The Liberals may be able to rebuild, but only if they take the big step of getting rid of the current crop of senior leadership who led them here in the first place. Proposing Bob Rae be interim leader until Justin Trudeau is ready to lead the party? Really?

If that is the level of ideas and discourse within the LPC then they are a dead party, whose rotting corpse will clog the political process for years to come.

been around the block said...

Jean Cretin has been one of the major reasons this party has become totally corrupt: His proposing Bob Rae as the interim leader is because both are so centrally involved with Power Corporation -- Jean, himself, and then the fact that his daughter, France, is married to Andre Desmarais and his grandchildren are Desmarais, and Bob, because his brother, John, is a Power Corp CEO.

Justin Trudeau's father, Pierre, was also a Power Corporation alumus.

The Liberal$ are going to have to shed their Power Corporation skin if they're going to genuinely rebuild a completely new edifice. Entitlement, unfortunately, is hard to leave behind.

Looney Canuck said...

So Dr. Eappen, I take it then that you're satisfied with the 2 1/2 party system that Britain has and Canada has again?

What do you do when people don't like either mainstream party and feel powerless if they are forced to choose between two large parties that they neither agree with or have any sway in? That seems to increasingly be the case.

been around the block said...

I'd say, suck it up, Looney Canuck. South of us, U.S. citizens have only two parties to choose from and it's worked pretty well for them.

If we had only two parties in Canada and you didn't like either, then you could start a third one. 'You expect everyone to cater to your whims, entitled one?

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