Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have been a long time supporter of the Canadian Constitution Foundation. Karen Selick, litagation director has an excellent article today on Canada's own thought police, the hrcs. She makes the case for outright abolition. It is an excellent article. I agree it is time to get rid of these kangaroo courts.
I urge you all to donate to the CCF, defenders of freedom!

The real problem with human rights tribunals

By Karen Selick, Ottawa Citizen May 19, 2011

Oh, the pathos. I've watched it twice now -that painful video of my friend Ezra Levant, talk show host on Sun News, skewering my friend Randy Hillier, Ontario MPP. The May 6 interview sought an explanation of why Progressive Conservative party leader Tim Hudak recently backtracked on his previous pledge to abolish the human rights tribunals in Ontario if elected.

Levant grilled and Hillier waffled -very uncharacteristically, I might add. Levant eventually desisted, saying Hudak himself should come forward to answer the questions. (The video's still available on YouTube if readers wish to experience vicarious mortification.)

But my real beef is that neither Hudak nor Hillier nor even Levant have ever actually addressed the root problem with Ontario's socalled "human rights" legislation. There are three distinct categories of problems, but even bulldog Levant only ever addresses two of the three.

First there are what might be called procedural problems. The tribunals that hear discrimination complaints don't follow the normal rules of evidence that regular Ontario courts use. Hearsay evidence that cannot be tested by crossexamination is allowed in. Complainants often get free legal assistance from the Human Rights Legal Support Centre, while defendants have to pay for their own lawyers. Defendants who prove that they did not break the law get no compensation for their legal fees. The adjudicators are political appointees who generally applied for the job because they desire passionately to advance the cause of complainants.


Winston said...

Harper majority should get rid of these kangaroo courts

potato said...

Right on Karen! Well and clearly stated. Even the Lynchs and Halls might be able to understand it.

been around the block said...

If the CPC doesn't move on getting rid of these highly illiberal kangaroo courts, I'll be giving them a real piece of my mind.

I've been patient, realizing that Prime Minister Harper and his party were in a very awkward minority government situation.

That's changed.

Now, Canadians need big-time change, especially when it comes to the Librano-initiated "human rights" (sic) commissions which forward their social engineering agenda. We have a new party in government whose agenda is completely different. So, Mr. Harper and your CPC, let's see some rearranging of the HRC file!

'Like fling it out the window!!

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