Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ellie may and the greens

Margaret Wente points oiut the obvious: the green party is the ellie may party now. Very few canadian voters voted green. Indeed under the vaunted proportional representation systems 9 like in Israel so exremists wouldn't be in the Knesset) where it takes 5% to get an MP, the greens would have received no MPs. The hoaxsters are beginning to understand that it is difficult to fool all of the people all of the time. Even people like george monbiot.
Even HM PM Cameron is abandoning the hoax. barack almost never mentions it anymore. cap and trade is dead in the US and canada will not renew kyoto. ellie may has irritated many in her own party. She abandoned any pretense of a national campaign to win her own seat. She is basically one lone independent MP. How often did we hear from Andre Arthur?

Hard questions for Elizabeth May

Who was the biggest loser in last week’s election? You get a gold star for guessing right. It wasn’t the Bloc or the Liberals. It was the Greens. Although Elizabeth May finally won a seat, the Green share of the national vote plummeted. It sank from its 2008 high-water mark of 6.8 per cent to under 4 per cent – its worst showing in 11 years. In Ontario, formerly a hotbed of environmentalism, the Green vote fell by half.


Sixth Estate said...

Although I've never voted Green in my life (and don't expect to), I think you're off a bit in your analysis there. In a prop rep system more people would almost certainly vote Green. I don't know exactly how many, but I assume that most people who left the Green banner did so for strategic purposes, meaning they voted NDP or Liberal because they thought it would overturn Harper. In a prop rep system the Green amount would climb much higher, presumably eating into the Liberal and NDP voting percentages.

I'm not sure why you think of electoral reform as a hoax. Our present system has ridings exponentially larger than they were designed to be and dominated almost entirely by political parties anyways (unless you think Berthier-Maskinonge really took a liking to Ruth Ellen Brosseau when they collectively visited her pub in Ottawa, which I'm not buying for a moment). Clearly a functional democracy requires major changes.

Especially if our future is going to be multi-party rather than two-party, since multi-party politics really doesn't function very well in a first past the post system. Chretien manipulated that fact in the 1990s at least as much as Harper is now, if not more so.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Ellie has destroyed the party by the following 1. Refusing a leadership review 2. Usurping an elected candidate's riding. 3. Campaigned only for herself 4.Using the lion's share of the party's funds for her campaign 5.Just being a self centered shrill

fernstalbert said...

Feel sorry for the Greens - Ms May has truly pooched your standing in the ROC. It is "Me, Myself Wed". You will have to start over again because she ain't going to move now that she has achieved the ultimate government subsidy. lol cheers

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