Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dr Roy on SunTV

Here is my segment on David Akin's program on SunTV on the Reseau Liberte Quebec, The Quebec Freedom Network. Please join us.

Thanks to Mississauga Matt.


Norm 204 said...

Very interesting perspective about other things going on in Quebec apart from yes or no.

Rural and Right said...

Great to see you on Sun News Network Dr. Roy !

been around the block said...

Great interview, Dr. Roy!

It's so good to hear from and see faces I know and voices from the Blogging Torries on SunTV!

Aside from liking nearly everything about SunTV (Levant, Akin, Lilley, Caldwell, etc.), it's refreshing to see and hear from Canadians and others who are never invited by the CBC or CTV to air their views.

Finally we're hearing viewpoints from intelligent, thoughtful Canadians who are not part of the Left-lib bubble and echo chamber.

BTW, good luck with your group! And, well-done!

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