Sunday, May 29, 2011

dippers= bloq

What do you think of the proposal to redistribute seats in the House of Commons? Should Quebec gain more seats?

jack and gilles seem to be of one mind. It seems jack wants more seats in the house for Quebec! Quebec is already overrepresented in the House. jack also wants to extend bill 101 to fedral institutions. jack doesn't recognize the clarity act. At what cost the orange wave. I wonder what dipper supporters outside of Quebec are saying. I bet they didn't count on voting for the new orange version of the bloq. Even the cbc poll opposes ore seats for Quebec. Whatever happented to representation by population. A reformed senate is the solution to Quebec's wories, but jack and the bloq oppose that as well. I doubt even the grits would give in to these demands. the dippers are not a federalist party!

Opposition Leader Jack Layton says he believes Prime Minister Stephen Harper is prepared to find common ground with the NDP and give Quebec more seats in the House of Commons.

The Conservatives proposed in April that Canada's three fastest-growing provinces should get more seats in the House of Commons by 2014, with Ontario gaining 18 seats, British Columbia gaining seven and Alberta five.

Under the proposed legislation, all other provinces, whose populations are not growing as quickly, would be guaranteed to keep the number of seats they have. Quebec currently holds 75 out of 308 seats, 24.4 per cent of seats, despite having 23.2 per cent of Canada's population.

Some Quebec politicians insist the province won't accept anything less than its current number of seats.


maryT said...

The PM needs to keep the west, Ont, Toronto and the East on side, and giving in to Que on anything will cost him seats.
Sorry Jack, no more seats for Que and no, Bill 101 will not be extended to federal institutions.
Quebec's days of blackmail and threats are over. And should they think another vote to separate will bring support from the rest of Canada to stay, they are badly mistaken. Wont happen again.

Brian Taylor said...

It is my understanding that Quebec is constitutionally guaranteed 75 seats, and that the all the other provinces receive seats proportional to Quebec's (except for PEI which is guaranteed 4 seats) Thus as Ontario, B.C and Alberta increase in population they gain more seats and the House of Commons becomes larger. If Quebec managed to reverse its population decline compared to other provinces, it's conceivable that the House of Commons would shrink, and Quebec's 75 seats would be a larger proportion of the total (as it was in the late 19th and early 20th centuries)

Administrator said...

The Dippers are now very much like the Bloc used to be. Alas, I fear in the same way the Conservatives are now very much like the Grits used to be.

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