Saturday, May 28, 2011

dipper separatists?

Lorne Gunter has it right. The dippers long ago sold out to the Quebec separatists. Apparently it takes 75% to amend the dipper constitution, but Jack thinks 50% plus one is enough to break up our country.

Lorne Gunter: Jack Layton, closet separatist?
Last Updated: May 27, 2011 1:52 PM ET

Shortly after the May 2 federal election, I wrote a column about how the results diminished Quebec’s already declining influence in Canada. I was besieged by angry emails from Quebecers. Putting aside these messages’ illuminating allegations about my parentage and their helpful instructions of how I might extract my head from my … well, you get the idea … the angry emails had one common theme: How could I be so anti-Quebec at the very moment that province’s voters had chosen to support a federalist party — the NDP – for the first time in 20 years?

The NDP? Federalist? Don’t make me laugh.

On most major constitutional issues, the NDP are as nationalist as the separatist Bloc Quebecois. The Dippers try hard to sound more federalist. And they probably won’t even admit to themselves how nationalist they are. Still, on matters of language policy in the province and funding for Quebec-only programs, on special treatment for Quebec and on the legal requirements for the province leaving Confederation, it would be difficult to slip a piece of paper between the NDP and Bloc.


ebt said...

Well, 50% plus one could hardly be reached without getting a clear two-thirds or better majority amongst the French Canadians, whose country it would be, so it's actually an entirely reasonable standard. It's all very well to say that the non-French minorites ought to count for something too, but they clearly don't, and they haven't in a hell of a long time. So that position has been obsolete for decades.

And of course Quebec is in no position to break up the country. All they could ever do to the country would be to leave it. Maybe at that point Canadians would decide that, without the Master Race to rule us, there's no point keeping the country going. Maybe they'd decide that on the contrary, the country was finally worth having now that the foreign garbage has been taken out. The point is, Canadians would decide.

Anonymous said...

As Tom Flanagan pointed out this week on Power & Politics, it is also--and has long been--Stephen Harper's position that secession should require a clear 50%+1 majority.

So, perhaps you should be directing these attacks at Stephen Harper.

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