Monday, May 30, 2011

Delusional grits and their delusional allies

Professional grit sycophant peter newman and his publisher really thought iffy would be Prime Minister of Canada. Indeed newman says things like the "the Liberals were a state religion"??? He was going to write another hagiography of one his grit masters, but even newman came to realize that iffy was not a leader. newman like the other grit journalist cheerleaders is greatly saddened that the grits are gone. The grit "intelligentsia" are fully out of touch with Canadians.
Originally – and before the debacle – Peter C. Newman was fashioning his biography of Michael Ignatieff on Theodore H. White’s series of books analyzing the American presidents, The Making of the President.

Mr. Newman, the celebrated Canadian political author, planned to write about the making of the prime minister. He called it: Michael Ignatieff: the Man in Full.

His research revealed the Liberal leader as a man who, having lived outside the country for half his life, had a confused view of patriotism. “He thought if he loved the country enough it would love him back, and it doesn’t work that way,” Mr. Newman observed.

In addition, the author found a brilliant man so full of ideas that he was unfocused; he found someone bent on seeking redemption and a man who aspired to be a winning politician, having only ever led one revolution – a protest against a pajama party at Upper Canada College.

“I have wonderful material,” said Mr. Newman.

Several months ago, however, Mr. Newman, 82, realized he had to change course – and quickly. Mr. Ignatieff was not the “knight in shining amour and world intellectual” who he and his publishers expected to defeat Stephen Harper and become prime minister.

And with that, the ever-so-nimble Mr. Newman began writing When the Gods Changed; the Death of Liberal Canada.


fernstalbert said...

Of course Mr. Newman was in love with the idea of a "knight in shining amour (this should be armour to better deflect the sword thrusts and arrows of public life) and world intellectual". Those dreamers are just that. Professors and writers never embrace reality. Canada is not Shangri-La or Nirvana - the prime minister of this country needs to be a leader of action rather than dreams. Cheers.

been around the block said...

I remember seeing Peter C. Newman in the audience at Ignatieff's televised concession speech the night Stephen Harper and his CPC decimated the Liberal$.

He wore his signature Greek (?) fisherman's cap. I thought, "What a sycophant; what a camp follower; what a suck-up."

Peter C. Newman's been basking in the glow of the Librano "spring," which lasted for far too long in Canada. Now, he's stuck in the swamp with the crocodiles -- and it's winter. 'Sort of a sad way to wander into the twilight of your life.

I won't be buying his book -- and wonder how many Canadians will...

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