Wednesday, May 25, 2011

dalton continues his slide

mcliar and his grits are in trouble. Lying repeatedly about their provincial wage freeze and bringing attention back to ehealth are just the latest scandal to eat away at grit support. the grits have increased the deficit massively and increased taxes. There are conservative administration in Toronto City Hall and federally.  It is time to boot out dalton and his tax and spend grits. I will be attending the Ontario PC Convention in Toronto this weekend.
You should too if you want to get rid of the grits! Let's work together and make Tim Hudak premier of Ontario!


Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Dr. you are the greatest optimist we conservatives have however things are rotten to the core within the PCs.
Candidates are being tossed out as HQ shoe horns their people ignoring all democratic procedures.

Anonymous said...

I just received a $200.00 cheque from the Ontario Government and ir had Dalton's name stamped on it as if he gets the credit for it.

Sorry Dalton, but if my business was robbed and I lost $ would be much of a comfort if the Police told me to be happry I was robbed because the thief may come back and buy something from me.
You raped my pay-check and even shelled-out raises and bonuses to the already hig-paid Union workers...and now you toss trinkets at me that were bought with my money.
I feel like a family cat sitting near the Dinning table at
a Thanks-Giving meal to see people gorging for 3 hours and I should be happy if a piece of Turkey skin or Stuffing falls on to the floor for me to lick-up and be thankful.

Jon Siemko said...

I'm also going to the convention, hope to see you there.

BigRed said...

Couldn't you just as honestly say Hudak continues his slide as well? Just sayin'

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