Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cutting the Budget and more!!

I hope this fear mongering by the red star is true. The Tories do need to cut the civil service.
They need to rid of us of section 13.1, eliminate electoral welfare, amend the omnibus crime bill to eliminate hate speech rules, eliminate FIRA, eliminate the CRTC, sell the cbc, eliminate all advocacy funding, eliminate corporate welfare, modernize healthcare, allow more private care and so much more! And of course elections Canada needs to be reformed.

OTTAWA—As Conservatives prepare to recall Parliament, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is setting the stage for a clampdown on federal government spending under the newly elected government, that would include cutting the public service by 80,000 — or one-third.

The Conservatives now have the power to cut spending to bring down the deficit, says Flaherty, a message that could foreshadow a round of deep cuts to services and programs in coming years.


Anonymous said...

well i wont hold my hand over my rear end waiting for it to happen. after all, i think were stuck with the CBC if what ezra was saying is true.
i am still holding out for some good old fashioned reform conservatism.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says. in my life time not one government has ever overturned or eliminted a program or law or regulation or eliminated a tax that a prior government has instituted.

been around the block said...

Please, God, the CPC does what they were elected to do -- all the things mentioned in the above post. Above all, our freedom of speech rights need to be returned to us -- the HRCs have to be defanged or eliminated altogether -- and the CBC, significantly defunded.

Enough is too much; long-suffering, too highly taxed Canadians have had it up to our proverbial eyeballs with being scammed by our own government.