Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Conservative Supreme Court

HM PM Harper will appoint 5 supreme court judges and many other judges. I am a frequent critic of activist judges and the charter. Judges should defer to the legislature most of the time!. I am glad HM PM will appoint qualified judges who will be calm and conservative. It is time to undo years of liberal judicial activism.

The coming conservative court: Harper to reshape judiciary

The sudden retirement of two Supreme Court judges has handed Prime Minister Stephen Harper the chance to remake the high court along conservative lines, opening a debate over how to select their successors.

Mr. Justice Ian Binnie is leaving the court just three years short of his mandatory retirement age of 72. But Madam Justice Louise Charron’s decision to exit at 60 has accelerated a process that will see Mr. Harper fundamentally reshape the court by 2015.


Craig Smith said...

Ezra for SC

maryT said...

I wonder if the coming openings on the SCOC plus all the Senate openings coming up in the next few years, plus many other Judges etc, wasn't behind the oppositions hope for another minority and a coalition govt.

L said...

A most serious threat was to make all judges fluently bilingual. This must never stand, as too may wise potential judges may have not had the opportunity to become fluently bilingual.

Anonymous said...


Yes, you're probably dead-right about that- Heaven forbid the Revered Left lose their social influence in this country-it jeopardizes their cushy lifestyle. No more "do as I say not as I do", no more stealing money "for unity" and "we've been doing such a great job, I don't know why you're upsetnd it's about bloody time the did lose. Lots of damage to repair. Let's start with that *****Charter.

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