Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Commonwealth

Hugh Segal has an interesting artickle on the Commonwealth. I would love to see on the Commonwealth. I would love to see the Commonwealth, with The Soevereign as its Head, become a massive free trade zone. Rich Commonwealth coutries : The United Kingodm and the senior Dominions of Canada, Australia and New Zealand should unilaterally drop all tariffs and barriers to trade from the poorest of Commonwealth countries and eventually we should all be free traders!
With a majority government in Ottawa, a renewed, coherent and engaged foreign policy beckons. One critical international instrument is the Commonwealth, an organization descended from the British Empire and one that is now being reformed and strengthened. The organization currently embraces 54 states worldwide and 2.4 billion people, with trillions of dollars of potential international trade. Canada cannot afford to ignore it.

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RJ65 said...

I don't agree with Hugh Segal on very much, but this idea is a good one. Being a member of the Commonwealth is an exclusive club and efforts should be made to tie it closer together. A Commonwealth Free Trade Zone would be a good step forward.

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