Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chantal hebert: Reality Bites...

if you are the opposition. The Tories control the upper and lower houses. The grits, bloc and especially ellie may will be seen and not heard according to Hebert. That is OK by me.

When the new House of Commons convenes June 2, Canada’s MPs will find themselves in a slower, simpler, world than the one left behind in March.

After seven years and three mandates, minority rule and the attending expectation of a short parliamentary life span had become the new normal on Parliament Hill.

Most of the MPs who were reelected on May 2 and many of the journalists who cover them have no hands-on experience with majority rule. Their respective Parliament Hill careers to date have amounted to a never-ending election campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Chantal writes an interesting scribble this time.

There are a couple of things she hasn't looked at.

The effect on the NDP ranks of having super militant reps from the Labour movement in so many new NDP MP's offices is going to force a very different and angry style in Layton's ranks.

Once these folks settle in you will find sharp angry rhetoric from the NDP as these Union reps send in all the hate stuff from the boonies of their constituencies.

All this should be good for Canadians as they don't really know and understand the culture and ethical vacuum the NDP suffers from.

Every scribbler in Canada is going to be provided with so much fun stuff from the NDP that writing will be a ball.

We are not going to see a quieter time in the center block, but rather Guided Anarchy.

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