Friday, May 27, 2011

Canada and Israel

Once again Canada stands by Israel, while bo does not. Israel has no stronger ally than Canada!!! Thank you to HM PM Stephen Harper!!!

Group of Eight leaders had to soften a statement urging Israel and the Palestinians to return to negotiations because Canada objected to a specific mention of 1967 borders, diplomats said on Friday.

Canada's right-leaning Conservative government has adopted a staunchly pro-Israel position in international negotiations since coming to power in 2006, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper saying Canada will back Israel whatever the cost.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this example of our Governments position regarding Israel. I hope their next step will be to de-fund any group associated with Middle East terrorists such as "rights and democracy".
Were is Bernie Farber and the CJC in all this?

Anonymous said...

Bravo PM Harper and Canada. Shame on the other so-called leaders.

Krystina said...

What encouraging news! Good for Prime Minister Harper!

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper makes us proud again. Thank God! for a Prime Minister with principles and guts.

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