Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another outrageous Quebec judge

In a truly outrageous decision a Quebec "judge" has forced a devoutly Catholic family to sent their 3,5, 7 and 9 year old kids to daycare for "socialization". There are no allegations of abuse and the children were found to be healthy and well cared for. This certainly would not have happened to any other religious denomination, but it seems this judge believes ( like Quebec unions) that children should be raised by the state especially Christian children. This decision must be overturned and this judge fired. It is time to appoint judges that have a bit of sense and who actually understand our constitution.
I am sure this " judge" is looking into socialist borg maturation chambers for Quebec children.


Anonymous said...

Just curious.
I have wondered about similar outrageous decisions in the US.
If this family wished to move to another province (say, Dad found a new job), could the courts actually stop them from leaving?
Any lawyers out there? Any precedents?
I know in custody squabbles the answer is unequivocably "No!" But is this an actual loss of custody?


Roy Eappen said...

Not sure how that would work. Any of my readers who are lawyers have an answer?

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